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Mission Skills Academy

Prepare with a Purpose

Not every missions trip is the same. With a focus on medical care-based missions, Mission Skills Academy provides training courses to prepare licensed healthcare participants with the hands-on skills most commonly used in the austere environment. Intended audience includes nurses, emergency medical technicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians, but is not limited to these professionals.

Content includes: 

  • Basic wound closure/suturing

  • Common office procedures

  • Ultrasound-guided IV access

  • New and Emerging Infectious Diseases

  • Basics of Going on a Medical Service Trip

With these skills in every graduate's repertoire, the mission experience for each participant has a better chance of making a bigger impact.

Best of all, this content is provided free of charge to participants due to the philanthropic giving of time, gear, and the professional instruction of Skills On Point, LLC and your charitable giving to Mission Skills, Inc!

Note: Participants should only use skills within their unique scope of practice while on the trip. The training provided in this course may supersede the scope of practice of some individuals. As each trip provided a unique setting, it is up to the participant to be aware of the laws surrounding your privileges.

Mission Skills, Inc accepts no responsibility for participants who perform skills that supersede their legal scope of practice. This course is strictly continuing education and does not represent any formal certification in the above mentioned skills and knowledge.


To be eligible for this training, participants must show proof of enrollment in a medical mission in the next rolling 12-months.

Applicants can begin by submitting the proof of enrollment to

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